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Parichaya Sammelan

KBGB team realized the need of providing a platform for Sikh children and their parents to identify and meet suitable matrimonial alliance and take appropriate and vital decisions of their lives. Thus the Parichaya Sammelans were begun.

In Parichaya Sammelans, no cat walk is done and no child (male or female) is brought to the stage. Very confidentially and gracefully with the girls’ and their parents’ due permission, selected boys and their families are allowed to approach them.

Outsiders are suitably accommodated one day before, in Gurdwara rooms with Langar Sewa. On the day of Sammelan, free breakfast, lunch and evening tea is offered to all the guests.

Why should we register?

We can find answer in one true success story of Parichaya Sammelan, 2011. This true success story of Parichaya Sammelan, 2011 is sufficient to motivate us for use of this platform for search of suitable matches for our children:
“In 2011, a cousin of one of our founder team members, was on a surprise visit to Jaipur, with his wife and two marriageable daughters. As per schedule, he left back for Chandigarh to fulfill his commitments on the very morning of Parichaya Sammelan, 2011; just few hours before the the start of the Sammelan.

With his due permission and on a special request of our founder member, names of his both marriageable daughters were included in the final list.

After one week, he called from Chandigarh and told:
“Veerji, thank you very much. My elder daughter is engaged, with your efforts. The boy is settled in Canada and his family is from Yamuna Nagar, Haryana. Marriage date has also been fixed.
He further clarified, “one of the boy’s close relatives from Jaipur, who attended the Parichaya Sammelan, 2011; had noticed the suitability of this girl, informed his relatives at Yamuna Nagar and managed the rest.”

This couple is now very happily settled with kids at Canada.

Who managed it? Certainly, Waheguru. The Parichaya Sammelan, 2011 proved an important platform for this couple.

We wish Parichaya Sammelan, 2017 will bring many more such success stories. To register, kindly visit the registration page.

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