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Matrimonial Biodata

Matrimonial Biodata

Sanjog Matrimonial is a free service provided by KBGB Sanstha. You can get this service free of cost by following the instructions and filling up the form on this page.

Matrimonial Biodata of Boys:

  • Punjabi Boy(Manglik) DOB 1994, 5.11′, B Tech. ( Mechanical), 50,000 Pm, Father Businessman, Mother housewife, one sister married, Contact : 9782644058, 7014932858
  • Sikh boy, DOB 1992, 5.7′, MBA, Working in Saudi Arabia, 30 lacs Pa, Father in Bank Service, One brother one sister both are studying, Family Jaipur Based, Contact : 9829012849
  • Punjabi Boy, DOB 1992, 5.7′, BTech(Computer) Working at Gurgaon, 20 lacs, Father chief manager SBI, Jaipur Based Family, Contact : 9001111119
  • Divorcee Sikh Boy SSC Passed, Arora 5.2 Diploma in Air-conditioning, two child not staying with him, working in private Sector, 2lacs Pa, family Ulhaasnagar( MH) based Contact : 9309849108, 9021962055
  • Sikh Boy, DOB 1986, 5.8′ BE(Civil engg.) Serving in Private Sector 10.8 lacs Pa, One brother married, Pune Based, Contact : 9175815994, 8483833607
  • Sikh Boy, DOB 1991, 5.8′, Gulati( Arora), 12th, Family Business Sweet Shop Panipat, 3.00 to 3.50 Lacs Pa, Panipat Based, Contact : 9034190100, 8199999920
  • Divorcee Punjabi Boy, DOB 1979, 5.9′ B.com, private service, 45,000/ pm, Father Govt Rtd Personnel, Two sisters both married, Based, Contact : 9414045844
  • Sikh Boy, DOB 1997, 5.7′ B.Com, Family Business : Garment Showroom, 60,000 pm, Father No more, Mother House wife, Two brother, Two Sister, Family belongs to Kotputali( Jaipur Delhi Highway), Contact 9950690472, 9509667914
  • Sikh Boy, Arora, DOB 1990, 5.7′, Post Graduate, MCA Private Sector, Noida, 9.00 Lacs, Father is in Finance Business, One Younger Brother Unmarried, One Younger Sister Married, Family belongs to Hapur, Contact : 96271965697986716940
  • Sindhi Boy(Belongs to Guru Nanak Naam Leva Parivaar) DOB 1980, 6.1′, Secondary, property and garment Business at Udaipur, One brother one sister both married, Udaipur based Contact 80000579179887255199
  • Sikh Boy, DOB 1991, 5.11′, Mech.Engg, 4th Engg Merchant Nevy, 1.80 to 2.50 lacs Pm, Father Business man, Mother housewife, Brother married, Jaipur Based, Contact : 9660726282
  • Sikh Boy, DOB 1993, 6.00″ Bachelor in Mass Communication, Private service, 6.00 Lacs Pa, Father Businessman & Politician, Mother Dy. Manager SBI, Jaipur based family, Contact : 9214749824, 9314371816
  • Sikh Boy DOB 1992, 5.11′ 12th pass, Bakery Business, 40,000 pm, Father No more, Mother house wife, lived with grand parents, own house, only one sister married, Jaipur Based Family, Contact :9602046386, 7220975000
  • Sikh Boy, DOB 1993, 5.9′, 12th pass, Cloth shop, 60-70,000 pm, Father No more, Mother house wife, three sisters well settled, Own house, Meerut Based Family, Contact : 7037100704
  • Punjabi Boy, 1987, 6.2′, B.com, Sale/Purchase Luxury Car, 15 lacs Pa, Father working in private Sector, Mother housewife, elder sister married, Family Delhi Based, Contact : 9350827106
  • Divorcee Sikh Boy 1986, 5.11′, MA, Business PG, 70 to 80,000pm, Father businessman, Mother Housewife, Own House, Jaipur Based, Contact : 9928448895
  • Sikh Boy (Teetotaller), DOB 1984, 5.6′, Diploma in Computer, Hardware/Comupter Shop 30/35000 pm, father retired pension holder, elder brother married, mother no more, Delhi based, Contact : 9810279431, 9871583179
  • Male Punjabi (Guru Nanak Naam leva) Never Married 1993, 5.8″ Jaipur Rajasthan BA. LLB Job Associate and Practice 50,000pm, Working with reputed Law firm in Jaipur father Retired Income-tax Authority, Mother Govt.School teacher, Only son No sister Contact 95304003251
  • Male, Sikh Never Married 1986, 5.5″ Shahjahanpur / Delhi,( Utter Pradesh/ New Delhi) LL.B.Advocate Individual Practicitioner at Supreme Court, New Delhi 35,000pm, Born and brought up at Shahjahanpur, now boy settled in Delhi, Father Ex Service man, Mother House wife No siblings Contact: 94546036681
  • Male Sikh Never Married, 1991, 5.11″ JAIPUR Rajasthan Pg( in marine ) JobWorking as a Merchant Navy officer based in Singapore 2,20,000pm Father own business, Mother housewife, Brother married, No sister,Contact : 9660726282
  • Male, Sikh Never Married, 1990, 5.8″, Ajmer Rajasthan, M. Tech, Business Coaching institute 1,00,000pm Well educated .belongs to gursikh family, Father. Business person, Mother House wife, 1 brother married, 2 sisters married, Contact : 9772440338
  • Male, Sikh, Never Married 1992, 5.7 Ajmer Rajasthan, Bca Business Geranal store 20,000, listen music playing cricket, Father Businessman, Mother Housewife, Sister Married Contact: 7014416638
  • Male, Sikh, Divorced, 1993, 6’3 Ahmedabad, Gujarat Bcom, Job PSO officer 350000 Doing job Housewife No brother One younger sister, unmarried 7878494629
  • Male, Sikh Divorced 1985, 5ft 9 inch Kota Rajasthan, Senior Higher Secondary, Business Manufacturing, Renting & Repairing Of Road Rollers & other heavy machines 80,000pm; I’m a Simple, Sober & Amritdhari Gursikh Father Businessmen, Mother Housewife, Sister one1 married & 1 unmarried Contact: 9950688990
  • Male, Sikh, Never Married, 1993, 5.9″ Meerut Uttar Pradesh, 12 passes, Business Cloth merchant 50,000pm I’m Gursikh boy & I want good & smart girl & honest girl, Father No more, Mother Housewife, Sisters 3 Sister (All Well Settled) Contact 7037100704
  • Male, Sikh, Never Married 1993 5’4 Ramganj mandi Rajasthan, BA Business Kota stone 1,00,000pm, Father Businessman, Mother Homemaker 2 brother 1married, Contact: 09785525187
  • Male, Sikh, Never Married, 1993, 5’8″ Lakhimpur-Kheri Uttar Pradesh, Graduate (B.Arch) Business Architect (Gulati Associates & Builders) 80,000 No sister No brother, Father owns a finance company and a plywood factory. Mother Home Maker Contact: 9415668728
  • Male, Sikh, Never Married, 1990, 5.10″, Kanpur Uttar Pradesh, B.Tech Job Assistant Manager in Bank (Dubai),.3,50,000.Father footwear retail shop, Mother housewife, one Brother unmarried.Contact 9450324021
  • Male, Sikh, Never Married, 1992, 5’6, Jaipur, Rajasthan, Graduate, Business, 50000, Father Passed Away, Mother House Wife, Sisters 2, Contact 9521629529,
  • Male, Sikh, Never Married, 1993, 5’9, Ajmer, Rajasthan, Gursikh Family, Business, 100000, Father Business, Mother House Wife , Sister 1, Contact 7014416638
  • Male, Punjabi, (Guru Nanak Naam leva), Never Married, 1983, 5’6, Vadodara, Gujrat, 3years diploma in electrical engineering, Job Private, 80000, Father Retired, Mother House Wife, Sister 1, Contact 9033748082
  • Male, Sikh, Never Married, 1992, 5’4, Jaipur, Rajasthan, BA, Business, 100000, Father Passed Away, Sister 2, Mother House Wife, Contact 8504088384
  • Male, Sikh, Never Married, 1984,5’6, Kota, RAJASTHAN, Graduate, Business, 40000 Father Passed Away Sisters 3, Mother House Wife, Contact 9549852903
  • Male, Sikh, Never Married, 1992, 5’7, Jaipur, India, MBA, Job Private, 30000, Brother 1 Contact Mother Service – Private, Contact 9929027364
  • Male,Sikh, Never Married, 1990, 5’10, Rajkot, Gujarat Doctor, Job Private, 50000, Service – Government, Brother 1, Sister 1, Mother House Wife , Contact 9998941887
  • Male, Sikh, Never Married, 1986, 6’1, Indore, M.P., B.Com, Job Private, 25000 Father Passed Away, Brother 1, Mother Retired, Contact 9893834303
  • Male, Sikh, Never Married, 1986, 5’4, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, BSC , engineering, Business, 30000, Father Retired, Sister 1, Mother Retired , 9873925998
  • Male, Sikh, Never Married, 1990, 5’10, Kota, Rajasthan, Btech( Computer science), Job Private, 40000, Father Service – Private, Mother House Wife, Contact 7737520849
  • Male, Sikh Divorced, 1984, 5’7, Indore, MP, B.Com, Business, 25000, Father Pvt job, Mother housewife, Brother 1, Sister 1, Contact 9302120948
  • Male, Sikh, Never Married, 1988, 5’9, Gurugram, Haryana, B.A, Business, 50000, Father retired, Mother retired, Brother 1, Sister 1, Contact 9971774728

Matrimonial Biodata of Girls:

  • Sikh Girl, DOB 1990, 5.6′, CS ( Company Secretary) Working in the private sector, 5.00 Pa, Father Shopkeeper, Mother House wife, One Brother married, Contact 9828306679, 9829128434
  • Sikh Girl, DOB 1997, 5.3′, MA, Two Bother Two Sister (including in question) Family Business Garment Showroom, 60,000 pm, Father No more, Mother housewife, family-based in Kotputali ( Jaipur- Delhi Highway) Contact: 9950690472, 9509667914
  • Sikh Girl, DOB 1991, MA, Asst Manager in the private sector, Father working in private Sector, One Brother Unmarried Working in the private sector, Jaipur Based, Contact: 8949086963,
  • Sindhi Girl (Belongs to Guru Nanak Naam Leva Parivar her first priority to marry with Sikh Boy her mother is very much agreed) DOB 1997, 5.3′, B.Com, Working as Research Associate in the private sector, Father No more, Mother housewife, one younger Sister, Udaipur Based Family, Contact: 7742002507
  • Sikh Girl, DOB 1989, CA Working as Credit Manager in the private sector, 13.50 lacs Pa, One younger brother studying, Kota( Raj) Based Family, Contact: 9414278001, 9079686565
  • Sikh Girl, DOB 1992, 5.7′, MA( HR), working as a supervisor in private Co. at Narayana, Delhi 35000/- pm, Father No more, her uncle (Taya ji) will perform all arrangements, Joint family, business Shipping and forwarding, younger sister studying in Canada. Contact : 9810053256, 9310053256
  • Sikh Girl, 1993, 5.8′ MCom, Admission Counselor, Padmavati Academy Bareilly, Two Sisters (One Sister Married), Father Cloth Merchant, Mother housewife, prefer only Gursikh, Vegetarian and Non-Drinker, Bareilly Based, Send Biodata with photo to : 8755483855, or Call : 8755417010
  • Sikh Girl, Never Married, 1992, 5.5″, Mansa, Punjab, Doctor-MDS (prosthodontist and implantologist), Job, Doctor-consultant implantologist is a amritdhari gursikh doctor, require Amritdhari Gursikh Doctor, Father retired from Army, Mother housewife, Brother is a Doctor (unmarried) Contact: 9509635909
  • Sikh Girl Never Married, 1977, 160cm, Jaipur, Raj, M.TECH, Service Project manager , 1,20,000 , Fitness expert, Gursikh wanted suitable local educated gursikh MSc Ph.D. Retd deputy director MA BEd Ex lecturer1, BE MBA, service, married1, MCA, MBA service, married Contact: 9828310207
  • Sikh Girl Never Married 1991 5’5″Jaipur Rajasthan M.A.Job Assistant manager at Cardekho.com 30000 Our daughter is well mannered and beautiful. Currently working as assistant manager at Cardekho.com. Living in Jaipur with Family. Looking for educated well settled family and Boy. Preferably looking for Working (job). Open for Delhi, NCR.Business Man (Restaurant) Home Maker1 younger brother. Working as Associate Director in Cardekho.com Contact: 8949086963
  • Female, Sikh, Never Married, 1992 5’8, Delhi, B.ed, Job, Private, 15000, father Business, brother 1, sister 1, Mother Passed Away, contact : 9871469117,

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