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About Us

Inspired by the first session of popular TV show Kaun Banega Crorepati, our dedicated volunteer Harminder Singh, popularly known as Mini Chhabra, started quizzing the children at Gurdwara Raja Park, Jaipur on Gurpurabs. Few of his early questions used to be like:

  1. Why have you come today to Gurdwara Sahib? Answers many times were: “We have come to have Langar” or “To meet our friends and relatives” or “To do Masti” etc…
  2. What is Gurpurab?
  3. Name Ten Gurus?
  4. Recite Mool Mantra?
  5. Recite Panj Pauri?
  6. Name Panj Pyare?

Harminder Singh used to reward suitably all the children with toffees or biscuits or pencils or pens etc; irrespective of their replies. He also used to tell them the correct answers.

Slowly, all of Harminder Singh’s family members and many of his friends and many of  Guru Ki Sangat joined him in assisting the quizzing and with gifts as per his advice.

The quiz, soon got tremendous popularity and children as well as parents enjoyed & learned a lot.

This popularity spread not only in the Jaipur City but also in various other parts of Rajasthan and it  forced us to streamline our activities and thus Kaun Banega Gursikh Bachcha Sanstha was born and registered.

Annual Gurmat Quiz is being organized regularly since then. After tough competition, Gursikh Bachcha and Gursikh Bachchi of the year are declared and honored on Vaisakhi.

“Sikh Jagriti” being published by KBGB has gained popularity.

Realizing the need of helping the Sikhs to find suitable match for their wards, Sikh Parichaya Sammelans were begun.

KBGB Sanstha is very alert and at various occasions act promptly to do the needful actions whether to meet the press or the politicians or the Government officials or help the poor or coordinate with the other communities.

Our vision is to make this Sanstha a strong open door platform to welcome and assist the Sikh Community in all their genuine religious and societal issues.


Q1. Does the KBGB guarantees that every registered member will get a suitable match in Parichaya Sammellan?
Ans: KBGB only provides a platform to identify the available options, but plays no role in decision making.

Q2. Whether the experts Dr. Manjeet Kaur and Dr. Darshan Kaur Narang charge any fee for their services?
Ans: No.

Q3.When will the registration for next Kinder care Quiz begin?
Ans: February, 2018.

Q4. Can we register in person for Parichaya Sammellan, 2017?
ans : No, it’s online registration only.

Q5. How can we get appointment from Dr. Darshan Kaur Narang for our childrens’ problems?
Ans: You can post your question or problem online and will get feedback. If you require personal one-to-one meeting, you can fix the meeting directly with Dr. Narang or KBGB can also assist you.

Q6. Can we also send articles for Sikh Jagriti?
Ans: Yes, anybody can email articles at [email protected]

Q7.Can people residing out of India register for Parichaya Sammelan?
Ans: Certainly, yes!

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